About the NVvTO

The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Thuisonderwijs (The Netherlands Association for Home Education, or NVvTO for short) is an association for parents (or guardians) that currently home educate, have previously home educated their children, or are seriously considering doing so.


– Parents are motivated to home educate their children based on the belief that ‘’home education is the best choice for our children’’. Home education needs a (solid) legal basis.

– The NVvTO holds, at its heart, the interests of its home educating members (parents or carers).

– The NVvTO sees its central task to work towards the acceptance of home education as a basic right and as a valid form of education in society.

– The NVvTO plays an important role in the social arena of government, politics, science, public opinion and other interested parties.

– The NVvTO maintains contact with other countries in the interests of home education.


Based on our mission statement, we have made the following choices.

What does the NVvTO do?

– The NVvTO promotes the interests of its members to its fullest extent. The NVvTO consults with government, for example over law and regulation, on behalf of its collective membership.

– The NVvTO provides information and answers questions from members and those interested via its website www.thuisonderwijs.nl, email and telephone. This includes primary information questions. For second-line information and individual concerns the NVvTO assists by using its own contact list.

– The NVvTO stimulates and facilitates mutual exchanges from parents and their children through online networking and arranging opportunities to meet and share knowledge and experience.

– The NVvTO is run by volunteers. The NVvTO has no employees in its service. The NVvTO has a Board consisting of up to five members. The association has various workgroups consisting of active members which the Board supports. During the Annual General Meeting, policies from the Board are discussed, answered, and where necessary, adjusted in principle with those present. Each year, the members receive an Annual Report and Balance Sheet that is verified by auditors.

– The activities are funded by the annual subscriptions and contributions of donors.

– At the NVvTO, all home educators are welcome regardless of religion, world-view, nationality, ethnic background, profession or pedagogical vision. Neither the health status nor the ability or disability of the parent or child are of concern here. In fact, all of this just emphasises our human diversity that is so characteristic of home education.

What is the NVvTO’s position regarding regular education?

Home education is part of a freedom of choice in education, but should not be obligatory. The NVvTO endorses the rights of parents to send their children to school should they wish to.




How to become a NVvTO member or donor

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