Kent Eaton – Dimensions of Natural Learning


Kent Eaton, originally from the US, has been involved in alternative learning environments since the seventies. In 1995 a few years after moving to The Netherlands he opted to create an alternative learning environments website in English and Dutch. In 1999 the ALO ‘Alternative Learning Organization, officially ‘Stichting alternatieve leervormen’ or SAL. was established which has the “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling” status upheld.

In English that means for the good of the people. We currently operate two primary websites ‘Learning Freely Net‘ (International, in English) and ‘Leren in vrijheid‘ (in Dutch).


Kent will talk about the dimensions of Natural Learning. What it is and the happiness it can mean for the lives of children, and the peace and satisfaction parents will experience when their trust of the child and his/her ability to determine for his or her self what to learn and when, replaces their once held and old beliefs and ideas about education and learning. The talk may also touch on Learning/Living communities.

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