Lies Feron – European Forum for Freedom in Education (effe)


Lies Feron is the coordinator of the European Forum for Freedom in Education. As coordinator of effe, Lies Feron concentrates her work on both the internal functioning of the organisation and on representation to other educational groups, political decision makers and civil society. She started working for effe in September 2005. She studied History, Politics and Landscape Architecture.


Lies Feron will talk about what effe is and stands for, what kind of political work she is doing. What are the hot issues at European level concerning primary and secondary education and implications for home education. She will also talk about the results of the effe-Colloquium (13-15 May 2008 in Brussels/Belgium) with the theme: “From early childhood curiosity to early school leaving. Compulsory education – Giving all young people a future”.

Effe speech by Robert Bell at 2006 Home Education Colloquium in Rheims
Effe zu Schulen für das 21ste Jahrhundert
Effe’s vision on schools for the 21st Century

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