Nanda van Gestel – Unschooling Adventures continued


Nanda van Gestel is a long-time unschooling mom of four sons (now 18, 15, 12 and 9 years old). She believes that raising children, with as much love and freedom possible, is the most fulfilling and important job in the world. Her oldest son (who is disabled) learned best when he was free to follow his own interests. To be able to unschool him and his younger brothers, Nanda and her family moved to the US and later Ireland, where unschooling is a constitutional right.

Nanda is currently back in The Netherlands where she and her family (which also includes two horses, a dog, a cat and five rabbits) live in her native Friesland. Nanda is co-author of the Unschooling Unmanual (with Jan Hunt, Daniel Quinn, John Holt e.o.), and author of ‘Het Paard als Spiegel van de Ziel’. She wrote numerous articles for ‘Kind en Nieuwetijd’, as well as for many homeschooling related websites. Currently she’s working on a Dutch book about Holistic Parenting and Natural Learning.


Nanda will talk about the great adventure that unschooling has been for her and her family. In a personal and practical manner she will tell about the positive effects of child-led-learning on children and of child-led-living on the whole family. She welcomes any questions you may have on Holistic Parenting, Natural Learning and Children with Special Needs.

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