Press Release NVvTO: State Secretary Dekker’s Ban on Home Education is Behind the Times

The NVvTO (The Netherlands Association for Home Education) believes that the announcement by State Secretary Dekker that home education based on life philosophy should be banned is behind the times.

“In these modern times, freedom of education and freedom of expression are accepted and respected values. An increasing number of parents, though small in number, are giving their children a tailored education and must not be excluded from this freedom.

Exemption from compulsory school attendance based on life philosophy and home education have become established in the Netherlands over the past decade. The time of prejudice is over. Dutch research, funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), has revealed no reason for concern at all. (Dr. H. Blok, researcher with the Kohnstamm Institute, Amsterdam).

Due to the social development of “life-long learning”, education is most benefited by more diversity, including home education. Learning does no longer take place at schools only. It would be much better to replace compulsory schooling with a right to learn. Parents and children have a direct interest in freedom of choice.

The change of course by State Secretary Dekker is remarkable. The previous Minister of Education, with the consent of the House of Representatives, simply worked on developing a way to monitor the quality of home education. The NVvTO was involved with this. Why would this suddenly be impossible?”

– Mr. T. Nijenhuis (NVvTO spokesperson).

About the NVvTO

The Netherlands Association for Home Education (NVvTO) is an association of parents (and those acting as such) who home educate their children, or who have a serious intention to do so.

The NVvTO welcomes all home educating parents, regardless of religion, life philosophy, national origin, ethnicity, occupation, educational vision and state of health of parent or child. It emphasizes the human diversity that is so characteristic of home eductation.

The three main tasks of NVvTO:
1. Collective advocacy for the members of our association
2. Information and advice to members and other interested people
3. The promotion of mutual exchange among home educating parents


For press contact:
Tonnie Nijenhuis, spokesperson NVvTO,

Original Dutch version of the Press release July 2013:

Verbod Dekker op thuisonderwijs niet van deze tijd

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